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History of EuroPD

As we look forward to the 13th EuroPD meeting, it deserves some time to reflect (and perhaps celebrate!) the development of this meeting and its journey over more than 21 years.

In 1992, parties from Berlin (Gahl and Jörres) and Cardiff (Topley, Coles and Williams) arrived at the idea of a one off, small, focused event about basic science in PD. This was hosted in Berlin in the spring of 1994.

At that stage we were all firmly adherent to the idea that science should be the main driver of the content of the meeting. We had expected up to 200 delegates at the meeting but over 500 turned up and the concept of a regular European PD meeting was born.

As the meetings developed and delegate numbers increased year on year, EuroPD was officially created as a registered charity in Germany – EuroPDeV.

In 1996, the initial group of founders were joined by Norbert Lameire, Ghent (replaced on his retirement by Wim Van Biesen, Ghent) and on the retirement of Gerry Coles in 2002 by Simon Davies from Stoke on Trent. On the retirement of Gerhard Gahl in 2008, Janusz Witowski from Poznan joined the Scientific and Organising committee.

EuroPD has a vast number of people to thank for its success, not least its sponsors Baxter Healthcare and Fresenius Medical Care. Without their participation and support through the whole EuroPD journey the meeting would not have succeeded and would not be what it aspires to be today.

There are many individuals to thank but foremost among these are the local Presidents and their committees who have hosted the meeting and been pivotal in providing its pan-European but importantly the local character of each event. They have allowed us to develop innovative and exciting programs that have attracted so many delegates over the past 21 years.

Throughout its life the EuroPD meeting has tried to hold to its ideals, that the advancement in PD therapy would always be driven by basic and clinically applied scientific advance. It has tried to bring together worldwide PD expertise to drive the development of the therapy, and to innovate in the way the meeting provides both knowledge to experts but also education to those new to the therapy. One hopes that the Dublin meeting will continue to achieve this and that future EuroPD meetings will adhere to these values and deliver on our mission of improving PD therapy.


Professor Simon Davies

President, EuroPD