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Edwina Brown

Hammersmith Hospital, London and Imperial College London, UK

Edwina’s main clinical and educational interests are peritoneal dialysis, dialysis outcomes in the elderly and renal palliative care. She has been the principal investigator for BOLDE (Broadening Options for Long-term Dialysis in the Elderly) and FEPOD (Frail Elderly Patient Outcomes on Dialysis) comparing outcomes on assisted PD and haemodialysis with conservative care. She is currently working on a project integrating renal and elderly care.
She has published extensively on peritoneal dialysis and dialysis in the elderly and is the author/editor of several books. She is past vice-president (education) for the British Renal Society and is chair of the guidelines committee for the ISPD. She has recently been elected as a Distinguished Fellow of the European Renal Association and Fellow of the British Renal Society.