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E-Poster Presentation Guidelines

EuroPD E-Posters


Upload your Poster before 27th September!!

EuroPD will be continuing with the digital renaissance of the scientific paper poster at this year’s meeting. Gone are the days of printing and carrying physical posters in your luggage…..instead all posters will be displayed on 1.5m high definition plasmas located throughout the exhibition areas.
Using an iPad attached to each plasma, users can search for posters by category, key words, by author or as full text in a simple ‘swipe action’. When the desired poster has been selected, users can ‘pinch to zoom’, access embedded videos with sound or link to other multimedia content.
This unique format of presenting encourages more interaction between delegates and authors.  If the author agrees, delegates can send an email from the iPad to the author to share their thoughts or simply request a meeting to increase the knowledge exchange on-site.  Similarly, during the submission process all authors are asked whether they want to share their poster with other delegates, if so, users can request a high quality pdf of the poster – removing the need for low quality photos taken on mobile phones.
In advance of the meeting, authors will be able to submit their poster online using PowerPoint or Keynote files.  The E-Poster layout can be chosen from a selection of specially created templates that are easy to navigate and will bring the poster to life.

E-Poster guideline- click here to download now.