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To download the full book of abstracts please click here.

Abstract submission is now closed.

E-Poster Sessions – Has your Poster been Selected for Discussion?

50 of the top-scoring posters have been selected for discussion by leading experts in the field. Please see below for list of posters selected for each session:

Session 1- Thursday 5th October, 08.00-09.00hrs
Posters included: P-1, P-35, P-42, P-122, P-143, P-144, P-156, P-187, P-206, P-229
Session 2 – Thursday 5th October, 14.15-15.00hrs
Posters included: P-56, P-68, P-86, P-124, P-127, P-131, P-161
Session 3 – Thursday 5th October, 14.15-15.00hrs
Posters included: P-166, P-207, P-210, P-211, P-213, P-214, P-216
Session 4 – Friday 6th October, 08.00-09.30hrs
Posters included: P-34, P-40, P-62, P-145, P-152, P-159, P-162, P-164, P-182, P-183, P-198, P-202
Session 5 – Saturday 7th October, 08.30-09.30hrs
Posters included: P-7, P-17, P-29, P-33, P-50, P-51, P-52, P-117, P-154, P-160, P-169, P-208, P-217

Abstracts were  invited under the following themes:

•    Cardio Vascular (Co-morbidity)
•    Clinical PD
•    Dialysis Solutions
•    Infection
•    Membrane Biology
•    Membrane Function
•    Paediatrics

A prize of €400 will be awarded to the best Basic Science and the best Clinical Oral Presentations.   Poster prizes of €200 will also be awarded to the best posters in each category.

There will be NO physical Poster Boards at this year’s meeting.  All posters will be displayed electronically on high definition plasma screens and your files need to be submitted in advance of the meeting – this cannot be done when you arrive onsite.  Full instructions will be sent to all poster presenter authors.